High School Talks

John Nanni speaks to high school students to deliver a powerful message on responsibility, integrity, passion, perseverance, love and empathy. Through storytelling and example, John shows students the path to personal and academic success.


John’s message goes on to address the importance of goals and provides the tools for students so that they may gracefully overcome any obstacles that they will encounter as they work to achieve their goals.  This message will make them think and help them realize that all obstacles are merely a little blip in the radar and that there is nothing that they can’t move through, around, over, or under. 


In the end, this program is about helping students have more fulfilling relationships and offers them hope, inspiration, and the peace that they deserve.  It’s about helping them understand the world around them, and helping them get more of what you as an educator wants them to have in terms of life skills.

Corporate Training

Corporations and the individuals they employ both benefit from learning new ways of looking at old problems.


John’s message confirms each participant’s value and fosters each employee’s utilization of the principles that he speaks about in their desire to realize their full potential, while attempting to achieve the desired objectives of the organization.


This program encourages the development of self-confidence and the importance of teamwork in every attendee, which ultimately increases productivity and leaves a general feeling of fulfillment.

Published July 16, 2013

Here are some programs that your company may offer that would be a perfect opportunity for others to get some exposure John’s message:



  • Annual Conference

  • Customer Conventions

  • New-Hire Orientations

  • Leadership Training

  • Department Retreats

  • Professional Development Programs

Executive Coaching

Published July 14, 2013

College Talks

This program for high school and college students is about empowerment!  It’s about helping young people wake to the idea that they can do more than they ever imagined regardless of their circumstances, and realizing that they have an infinite amount of control not only over their destiny, but also every situation that they are a part of along the way as they travel on their journey of life.   


In this talk, John uses stories, quotes, and statistics to drive home the importance of taking responsibility for your life and living in integrity, the criticality of pursuing your passions, the necessity of being persistent in a healthy way, the value in being gentle with yourself, and the necessity of developing your ability to empathize if want to be successful in life.


The spoken word throughout this message will help your young people clear the cob webs and indecision that they may have about their future and help them rise to new heights in every area of their life with enthusiasm and an invigorated spirit.

Published July 16, 2013

Employees, whether in leadership positions or not, need to hear John’s message. This message will assist leaders and employees in becoming more effective in their role regardless of their position or responsibilities in the organization.



The Corporate & Association message is very clear, which is, if anyone applies the principles that John addresses in all of his talks, they will become focused, more productive, happy and unstoppable in the pursuit of their organizations’ short and long term objectives.

Published July 16, 2013